Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18: Party Time! Excellent!

OH MY GOD! Treasure Fest is here!!

Thanks to everyone who bought an advanced ticket!! We will have the raffle results later this weekend.

Check in starts in just a couple hours at Snug Harbor in Plaza Midwood. If you bought a ticket online, we will have your name. If you bought a physical ticket at Lunchbox, please bring it with you! If you haven't bought a weekend pass yet, you can still get them today for the same super low price of 25$. We will also have Treasure Fest tshirts available to buy at check-in for 10$, or a combined weekend pass // tshirt price of 33$, because we really want you to have a super cool shirt!

We will also have schedules // maps for you to pick up at check in so you can make sure you know where your favorite band is playing, and what time you need to be there to see them.

If you have any questions, just come ask us!!

We can't wait to see you all later today!

We love you!!!

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