Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 28th: Lineup Announcements

Check out the first wave of lineup announcements! Just as in previous years, there's a wide array of bands from across the Carolinas, Southeast, and Northeast. There will be another round of bands that we will announce in the coming weeks, so definitely stay tuned for that as well!! We are currently looking for more sponsors and are planning a couple fundraisers/benefit shows to help with the costs, which are a lot higher this year than they have been previously. If you have a place for bands to crash, or any other tips on how to make this a seamless community effort, feel free to contact us!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 21st: Treasure Fest 3 is coming!!!

Hello everyone, long time no talky. We currently have around 40 bands confirmed for TREASURE FEST 3 (MAY 17-18). This year is shaping up to be really awesome. We will be announcing some of the bands soon but we are still waiting on some confirmations to come in. It has been a hard year to book with so many awesome fests around the time of Treasure Fest 3. No reason to fear though, the lineup is awesome.

Just like in previous years, Treasure Fest operates on a grassroots community basis. We can use your help with so many of the details. Bands will need places to stay, P.A.'s will need to be found and tickets will need to be bought. I have no doubts that all this will happen, but just know that we do appreciate any and all help on a local or regional level to pull this off.

Thanks so much for the support, please stay tuned for some of the lineup announcements. Also feel free to go ahead and buy a ticket if you would like to help the cause, we would really appreciate it!!!