out of towners:
Franz Nicolay (NY- ex Hold Steady)
Old Flings (Asheville, NC)
Just Die! (Asheville, NC)
Mike Bell & the Movies (PA- ex Algernon Cadwallader)
Band Name (Philadelphia, PA)
Amanda X (Philadelphia, PA- members of Bandname)
Muscle & Bone (Asheville, NC)
Radio Reds (Greensboro, NC)
Kicking Spit (New Brunswick, NJ)
Nuclear Santa Claust (Brooklyn, NY)
Red Collar (Durham, NC)
Big Awesome (Bluffton, SC)
Means Well (Asheville, NC- members of Calormen)
Brick Mower (New Brunswick, NJ)
Black Wine (New Brunswick, NJ- ex Ergs, Hunchback)
Sea of Storms (Richmond, VA- ex Mouthbreather)
Manic (Atlanta, GA)
Wymyns Prysyn (Atlanta, GA)
Whatever Brains (Raleigh, NC)
Almost People (Raleigh, NC)
No Tomorrow (Wilmington, NC)
Death Panels (Columbia, SC)
Rubrics (Greenville, SC)
Old Wounds (NJ)
Manalive (NJ- ex Kill Your Idols)
Out Crowd (Atlanta, GA)
Test of Time (MA)

Double Negative (Raleigh, NC)
Sundials (Richmond, VA)
Burners (Atlanta, GA- ex Jena Berlin, Mose Giganticus)
Museum Mouth (Wilmington, NC)
Apart (Greenville, SC)
Cheap Art (Atlanta, GA)
Torch Runner (Greensboro, NC)
Barrow (Greensboro, NC)
Unholy Thoughts (Richmond, VA)
Devil's Hand (Richmond, VA)
Irata (Greensboro, NC)
No Love (Raleigh, NC- ex Devour, Logic Problem, Gnarr)
Viewfinder (Boone, NC)
Uniform (Atlanta, GA- members of Wymyns Prysyn, Cheap Art, Grids)

local talent:
Center of the Sun
Pullman Strike
Stepdad SS
Rogue Nations
Secret Hospital
It Looks Sad...
Late Bloomer
One Another
Motel Glory
Funky Geezer
Bo White Orquestra
Temperance League
Tyler Brown
Pig Mountain
Hungry Girl
Black Market
Sinners & Saints
Scowl Brow
Mineral Girls
Dollar Signs
Hemp Hill
Lions to Lambs

(**lineup subject to change)