Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 17th: Treasure Fest III

If you are reading this, then we are really excited that you are actually looking at the site. Please read the previous posts and gather all of the information. Check in will be in front of SNUG HARBOR. It will be from 12pm (noon) to around 6pm. After that, everything will be over at Lunchbox. If you want to buy a shirt, or pick up a shirt that you pre-ordered, you will only be able to do it at check-in OR Lunchbox (after check-in). If you bought a ticket online, god bless you my child, then bring your "receipt" to check in. If you can't print off the confirmation then just bring ID to show us that you are, in fact you. If you don't have an ID, or you used your mom's paypal to buy your ticket, you'll still be fine as long as you know the name used when the ticket was purchased.

Wristbands will be for sale at LUNCHBOX, SNUG HARBOR, and THE MILESTONE. Two day passes are $30 (day of price). If you choose to only go to select shows (fun sponge), there will be individual prices for each show. Please check the "Venues" link for the prices. If you do not have a wristband please donate to the shows that say donate on them.

As always, be respectful of the neighborhood, the venues, the people working, volunteering, and playing music. Tip your waiters, bartenders and anyone who is being awesome. Please be careful crossing the streets, use crosswalks and for the love of all things holy, DO NOT drink and drive!!!

Thanks so much for the support, we couldn't do this without YOU. Treasure Fest is a group effort and it takes all of us to make this a success. Help bands move gear off stage (knowingly), be a volunteer, and help keep things running on time. As Bill & Ted once said, "be excellent to each other."

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8th: Checking In and Other Information

So, check in will be in front of Snug Harbor on Friday, May 17th from 1pm- 5pm. If you are in a band then do your damnedest to make this time work for you. If you cannot make that time then please email us so we can have your "envelope" at the venue you are playing in. If you are playing at The Milestone then you will check in at The Milestone due in part to the geographic issues of checking in a different area.

Saturday check in will be in front of Snug Harbor as well. It will be from 12pm (noon) to about 3pm. Once again, if you are in a band then try and make this time to check in, even if you are not playing around this time. If you do not make check in then your wristbands, money and envelopes will be at the venue that you are playing in.

If you are a patron of Treasure Fest, and you are awesome, and bought a ticket online beforehand, then take your receipt to check in at Snug Harbor on Friday and you will be given a wristband. If you can not make the check in times (above) then go to Lunchbox Records to check in. Only go to Lunchbox to check in if you MISS check in. If you can make the check in times then go to Snug Harbor.

If you still have not purchased a ticket you still can. You can be entered into the raffle if you buy a ticket before May 16th at 11:59pm. Tickets after that time will go up to $30 for the weekend. You can buy a ticket now for $25 and win lots of records and two FEST 12 passes, so you really can't lost by buying a ticket early. Also, it really helps with being able to have the funds available before the weekend comes, and being able to pay all of the out of town bands before the festival starts (i.e., the envelopes that their money is in).

Looking forward to next weekend!!! Come out to The Milestone on May 11th (Saturday) and celebrate with us for the PRE-FEST show/benefit/cover show. It will be awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So here is the raffle for 2013. If you buy a ticket from now until May 16th, by 11:59pm, then you will be entered in to win the raffle. If you do not buy a ticket before then, tickets go up to $30. So, by all means, buy a ticket now for only $25. You can win a lot of records, and TWO tickets to FEST 12.

2013 RAFFLE:

Grand Prize
Lunchbox Records $25 gift certificate
Center of the Sun "Machine Gun" 12" LP
Old Flings "Spite" 12" LP
Late Bloomer "S/T" 12" LP
Oddczar "One Word" 12" LP
Mike Bell & the Movies "Stuck In a TV" 7"
No Power "No Axis" 7"
Sickoids "No Home" 12" LP
No Power "No Peace" 12" LP
Double Negative "Hardcore Confusion: Vols. 3&4" 7"
Discourse "S/T" 7"
Bitter Melody tee shirt
Tiny Engines tee shirt

TWO tickets to FEST 12**

1st Runner Up
Yardwork "Brotherer" 12" LP
Sled "S/T" 12" LP
Center of the Sun "Machine Gun" 12" LP
Late Bloomer "S/T" 12" LP
Bandname "Breakfast" 12" LP
Mike Bell & the Movies "Stuck in a TV" 7"
Yardwork//Andy the Doorbum "split" 7"
Meth Mtn. "Monotony" 7"
No Power "No Axis" 7"
No Tomorrow "Nuclear Exposure" 7"
Rough Kids "The State I'm In" 12" LP

2nd Runner Up
Lunchbox Records Tee Shirt
Bandname "Breakfast" 12" LP
Mike Bell & the Movies "Stuck in a TV" 7"
No Power "No Axis" 7"
Muscle & Bone "S/T" CS
Family Cat "Dealing With Depression" CS
Any Tiny Engines release

**In the event that the grand prize winner does not want or cannot use the FEST 12 tickets, the tickets will be given to the 1st Runner Up and so forth.