Monday, April 23, 2012


Treasure Fest II is coming up on us quick. We may still need help with housing bands that are playing the fest and we may also need to borrow some PA equipment and microphones/stands. Not sure how much, but please contact us.

We also are working on solidifying raffle prizes. So far we have Lunchbox Records, Sorry State Records, Self Aware Records, Fat Sandwich Records, Tiny Engines Records, No Idea Records and maybe a few more. You know what that means? It means that if you buy a ticket you and possibly a couple friends (runner-ups) could win a whole lot of records. More than $100 worth. Pretty awesome, but wait, there is more!!! Fest 11, in Gainesville, FL has graciously donated a ticket to our raffle. Basically you can win an $85-125 FEST 11 ticket for ONLY $25. That is insane. The Fest is October 26-28 and there are over a hundred bands playing. Bands such as Braid, Lagwagon, Night Birds, Algernon Cadwallader (also on T-Fest), and the almighty 7 Seconds.

If you buy your ticket before midnight on May 17th, the day before Treasure Fest begins, then you can surely win some awesome stuff. If not then you are still supporting a DIY and local festival that brings so many regional, national and international acts to Charlotte, NC. It doesn't hurt that it is located in the best neighborhood in North Carolina, Plaza-Midwood. Come out and support stuff. Stay tuned for more raffle details!!!

-Joshua Robbins

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