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The raffle, details in the previous entry, will end at midnight on Thursday night. If you want to win a lot lot lot lot lot of free records then buy your ticket before hand. We will be at the PRE-PARTY//COVER SHOW//BENEFIT on Thursday (May 19th) selling tickets. If you don't bring cash don't worry, we have a debit card slider.
Come out to the Milestone on Thursday and see some cover sets...

May 19th (thursday)
The Milestone
Big Lizard (Dead Milkmen, members of Obstruction, Meth Mountain, Horse Thief, and Scout)
Pullman Strike (Ramones)
Neil Mauney (Prince)
Secret Hospital (Big Black/Shellac)
Paint Fumes (The Stooges)
Thomas Berkau (Loretta Lynn)


So you may have been waiting long for this post but here it is now. Check in will be at Snug Harbor before the shows. On Friday, check is (tentatively) from 3:00-6:30. On Saturday, check in is 4:00-5:30. If you can't check in at that time you will get a finger wag and some eye rolling but you don't need to worry. Most of the venues will be able to check you in. Lunchbox, Central Coffee, Studio 1212, and Snug Harbor should be able to check you in if you are getting a weekend pass. If not, you will be marked with a sharpie or some other sort of device. Keep track of your hand and don't let it get away from you. If you lose your wristband or your venue mark wipes off then you will be out of luck unless one of our happy volunteers remembers you. If you have bought a pass online then BRING PROOF OF IT WITH YOU to official check in or wherever you checked in at. A, "I bought a ticket online, but didn't have a printer," will be met with glazed over stares and more finger wagging. Kinko's has printers, your mom should as well.

The earlier you show up for check in, the better. You won't miss any bands and you will have time to chill before hand and check out great restaurants such as, The Diamond and Soul. You can also grab some beverages from Common Market as well and a delicious fresh deli sandwich. Yum.

If you are in a band you need to check in early too so that you can figure out what is going on. If you don't, then you will get a very furious finger wag. Make sure you are respectful to the space or venue you are playing at and are swift when setting up equipment or taking it down. Lots of other bands are playing and 30 minutes is more than enough time to jam out, brah. If you need to borrow any equipment take a look at the schedule and ask the band playing nearest you. Should make it a lot easier. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Another thing to add is the issue of guest lists. I know how to do simple math (barely) and by that token we made the decision that we cannot afford to do guest lists. I am very sorry. If you have someone on tour with you that is flat broke then your tour manager/buddy/merch girl can go see your show for free. There is also an "adopt a band" schedule going around and most bands are taken care of. A few are still be looked for but it is amazing how many people have stepped up and how much floor space Sarah and Kristen have at their house.

If you are in a band that is playing the Plaza Midwood end of shows, i.e., I booked you then you can see all of the shows in the neigborhood over the whole weekend for free. If you want to go to The Milestone, which you should, then the show there is ONLY $2 with a weekend pass. Here are some guidelines for the weekend...


...Feel free to contact me personally with any questions. Thanks for your support Charlotte and hope to see you there this weekend!!!

Joshua Robbins (704)577-3379

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