Monday, April 4, 2011


So the benefit show went well and attendence was high. There is still a lot of red tape that we still have to hurdle over but the fest is coming up on us fast. The Milestone will be picking up more bands to help accomodate for our scheduling woes so we now have space for all the announced bands. Yay.

If you are going to the FEST and live in the Plaza Midwood area or its surrounding neighborhoods, we need your help. Instead of hotels/motels, we are trying to get local people/bands to babysit the out of town bands for the weekend. It would be really swell if we all opened up our homes and our communities and make all of our guests show how Charlotte does it.

Thanks for your help and please buy a ticket now, not the day of. Self Aware Records is nice enough to sell tickets in their webstore. Also, Lunchbox Records and Common Market have physical tickets if you live in Charlotte.

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